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Very knowledgeable. Personal & indepth attention. Was never rushed. Took time to answer all questions.
Ted S., Baton Rouge, LA
Harry and I so appreciate your time and the information you gave us. You have a gift for explaining things well. An added bonus is that Harry has been wearing his hearing aids much, much more even at home! Thank you! Thank you!
Thomas C., Baton Rouge, LA
Her process of teaching and follow-through provided me with the opportunity to use the instrument and then, at the next meeting, ask questions if necessary.
Joeann C., Baton Rouge, LA
I have had several sets of hearing devices and have never has the personal service and attention given by Yvette. She is most knowledgeable in her field and I recommend her to anyone needing hearing devices.
Thomas B., Baton Rouge, LA
Yvette Bethea gave me patient and caring assistance during my adjustment & use of my new hearing aids. I know that if I need help, it is a phone call away. I feel more confident and engaged in living. I feel very pleased with my hearing aids.
Pat C., Baton Rouge, LA
They paid attention to details which were important to me. Great follow up care given after the sale. Made sure devices didn’t overpower—my 1st use of hearing aids.
Jim J., Baton Rouge, LA
My sister is so much more engaged in conversation & life.
C.B., Baton Rouge, LA
Yvette Bethea is very professional, friendly and provided a detailed explanation to all my questions. I highly recommend her. She assisted me in a referral to another physician for an issue that came up through a routine examination. Excellent!
Susan B., Baton Rouge, LA
Ms. Bethea is very professional and caring. She takes so much time to explain the workings of hearing aids and makes sure that you will have optimum use of your hearing aids.
C.S., Saint Francisville, LA
Yvette is very professional, very knowledgeable, very informative, very efficient, exudes confidence.
Farrell F., Youngsville, LA
Associates in Hearing gave personalized attention to my custom-made hearing aids which were adjusted for a perfect fit.
Harold I., Denham Springs, LA
Associates in Hearing gave personalized attention to my custom-made hearing aids which were adjusted for a perfect fit.
Harold I., Denham Springs, LA
Myth: “Hearing aids don’t work, why even try?” Truth: I am very pleased with my hearing aids. Yvette was great! Very patient, knowledgeable and explanatory, I recommend Oticon and Yvette Bethea to friends. Thanks!
Gene, Zachary, LA
Three weeks ago, Yvette Bethea, audiologist, started working with me; a very knowledgeable and accomplished lady using the latest digital equipment in hearing technology, being the Oticon hearing aid and ConnectLine. With purchasing and using this aid, I am thrilled with my improved hearing!
Pendery G., Baton Rouge, LA
Personal care, service, knowledge, dedication to the profession & explanation in detail to all of my questions & concerns. Making sure I am fitted with the best devices for my needs. It was a very enjoyable experience, thanks so much!
Cavalier, Baton Rouge, LA
Product: Outstanding! My hearing aids are very comfortable. I love the flexibility of being able to hare in many different situations. Customer Service: Awesome! The patience and personal care that Yvette Bethea gave me and my mother when fitting us with hearing ids are just as valuable as the product themselves. She makes it her business to know the product as well.
D. Berthelot, Zachary, LA
I cannot express in words how wonderful my experience was with Yvette. She went above and beyond my expectations and I cannot think of a better quality of care I’ve received my entire life!
Philip Mann, Baton Rouge, LA
Ms. Bethea is a professional. Individual attention to my needs, the time she spends with me at each appointment, and her thoroughness truly deserve the highest rating. I am so thankful I selected her to assist with my hearing needs. Thank you Yvette!
Lou Ann Stickman, Baton Rouge, LA
Recommended by my doctor. He spoke highly of their services. They were thorough with the examination and the follow up to educate me on my hearing devices.
Ashley Kleinpeter, Baton Rouge, LA
Very patient and took time to explain several times. Yvette Bethea was very detailed and concentrated to take care of my needs. She definitely knows her business yet makes you feel comfortable in learning new procedures and applications.
Jeanette Rackley, Baton Rouge, LA
Yvette, you have been great in taking care of my hearing problems. It’s always easy to get an appointment and to talk to you. Thanks for your personal care.
Helen B., Baker, LA
Yvette is very patient and understanding. Her hearing test was the most thorough I have ever had. She is very knowledgeable about the products and I feel has also become a friend. Thank you for your service.
Sandra Landry, Zachary, LA
Yvette is very thorough—responds quickly to phone calls—provides great service—love the free supplies for three years—love my Opn™—hearing better than ever for years.
Sue Justis, Oak Hills Place, LA
The personalized care in the selection and fitting of my new hearing aids. I switched from the ITC to an over the ear model and I really enjoy the new technology and the quality of this new model. I hear life better.
Michael Bergeron, Oak Hills Place, LA
Yvette is very professional but at the same time very easy to talk to. I enjoy visiting with her at each appointment.
John Achord, Gonzales, LA
(1) Weekly visits to make adjustments. (2) having a second program for noisy environment. (3) small, lightweight device—easy to forget you are wearing them. (4) great concern for you to know the details to become a comfortable user of product.
Anonymous, Baton Rouge, LA
My hearing aids are great and a good fit for me. Yvette is knowledgeable about the devices and explains their features very clearly. She is quick to trouble shoot any issues I have and I never feel rushed at visits.
Janis Gandy, Oak Hills Place, LA
I met Yvette a few months ago. I was having a hard time hearing and she was referred to me by a friend. She is kind, enormously competent, and patient. She has helped me through a pretty complicated set of circumstances. I appreciate all she’s done and how much she has helped me. The very high level of care I’ve received is uncommon in today’s healthcare environment and the technology is pretty amazing.
Helene Kurtz, Baton Rouge, LA