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Couple in Baton Rouge wearing hearing aids

You have just been told that you or a loved one has a hearing loss. If there are not any underlying medical conditions that require additional medical treatment, an audiologist is a key professional to assessing an individual’s specific needs and capabilities.

When hearing aids are recommended, preconceived notions about them often prevent people from getting the help they need, sometimes for years! Bringing a family member or a friend with you to your consultation can help you remember the information discussed and with the necessary decision-making. We recommend reading all the materials given to you and asking others who are pleased with their devices about what is working for them.

Hearing aids are an investment in hearing health. You or your loved one will wear these devices daily. Wearing them should become routine. Your dedicated audiologist will teach you how to use and care for them because success comes when you fully participate in your care. If the hearing-impaired person cannot fully participate, a family member or caregiver is essential for this process to succeed.

Maintenance is essential for properly functioning hearing aids. Daily cleaning should consist of brushing the aids and removing wax. You may need to change domes or filters on a schedule your audiologist sets. Rechargeable hearing aids have grown in popularity, due to their convenience and ease of use. For non-rechargeable devices, it is best to use fresh batteries. Keeping the aids away from heat, moisture, debris, and harmful chemicals is essential. Periodically, the aids should be readjusted by your hearing professional to meet your current needs.

Many conditions — illnesses, noise, aging — may contribute to hearing loss. Some factors we can control, while others we cannot. Research supports the knowledge that untreated hearing loss can lead to further deterioration of the ability to understand speech. It’s best to address the hearing loss when it is first diagnosed and hearing aids are recommended, so that your hearing health is at its best.

An audiologist goes beyond just helping people acquire hearing aids but educates and guides patients to maximize the performance of their devices to work with the hearing that remains, thus improving the quality of life of the patient and their loved ones. Contact us today for an appointment so that we can help!

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