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Couple after getting hearing aids in Baton Rouge

Good communication is vital to interacting with those around us. Asking others to repeat themselves or turn the TV up can make family visits taxing, misunderstanding instructions from your doctor can be dangerous, and hearing well is important in family and social gatherings.

The first step toward better hearing begins with an evaluation by an audiologist. A hearing test will determine your hearing needs and your ability to understand speech. A plan of action will be recommended, which often includes hearing aids if it turns out you have a hearing loss.

Hearing devices are more comfortable, attractive, and superior in quality and function to their outdated counterparts. The technology is smarter in the way it processes sound — users often report the sound they hear is very natural and the aids are very comfortable.

Today’s hearing aids also work better with smartphones. They often have wireless capabilities that allow you to use your phone hands-free and receive the TV signal directly into your hearing aids through a streamer. Many people feel the devices are even easier to use than they first expected.

Hearing aids today are reprogrammed after each annual or biannual hearing test and most people replace their technology every three to five years. A monthly cost comparison would be to that of the cost of a regular utility bill, like cable or cell phone bill. For those with limited resources, community, state, and federal programs are available, such as the VA and United Way.

Expect the cost to range from just over $1,250 to $3,000 per hearing aid but do not base their value solely on their monetary cost. The benefits that hearing aids provide to your lifestyle, along with improved technology and comfort, add priceless value to your investment.

Experience the wonderful, improved technology and support that is available, and join the conversations around you again! Contact us for an appointment today!

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